GEELY Auto's annual report, with 1.5 million vehicles sold, significantly exceeded the company's plans


09 Aug 2023

GEELY Auto's annual report, with 1.5 million vehicles sold, significantly exceeded the company's plans

GEELY Auto Group, which is one of the leading automobile holding companies in China, publishes the financial results of the last year. The data the company used covers the period from January 1, 2022 to January 1, 2023.

It should be borne in mind that GEELY Auto Group managed to achieve these indicators despite the difficult market conditions and pandemic-related disruptions.

The financial results look like this:

  • Total annual sales volume - 1,432,988 units. Compared to the previous year, the figure is 8% higher
  • The share of new energy and electrified vehicles amounted to 23%
  • Revenue 207 million USD-45.6% increase compared to the previous year
  • Shareholders ' profit 74 million USD-8,5% more than last year
  • Reduced earnings per share reaches 0.50 RMB, which is 6% more than the annual result
  • Free cash flow increased to 33.7 billion, up 20.4% from the previous year
  • These data indicate that the company has made significant progress and has improved results not in one, but in many different aspects compared to previous years. As experts say, high-segment models contributed to the growth of the brand.

The company delivered 1,432,988 vehicles to the market within a year. Of these, 252,787 units sold were precisely high-segment models, accounting for 23% of total sales. Every month, on average, 30,000 units were sold, and the average selling price reached 21 thousand dollars. In addition, GEELY Auto introduced its new product series, GEELY Galaxy, which highlighted the brand's electrified and smart technologies. Another innovation that the company had the previous year was the entry of the Geometry brand into GEELY Auto. This played a major role in increasing demand for electric vehicles and activating the market.

GEELY Holding's other brands are also successful

For example, Lynk & Co's reports show that in 2022 it sold 180,127 cars and reached high figures in the global market. As of February 2023, cumulative sales of the brand have exceeded 850,000 units. The new model, Lynk & Co 09, with a market price of 42 thousand dollars, took the brand to new heights.

As for Zeekr, GEELY's global electrotechnological solutions brand, its success is related to increasing the supply of Zeekr 001, the first product of its brand in 2022. Within a year, the company sold 71,941 cars, thus surpassing its own plan. Prior to the sales announcement, the brand aimed to sell at least 70,000 cars per year. The $ 47,000 Zeekr became the leader of the luxury electric vehicle segment in 2022.

The brand soon launched a second model, the Zeekr 009, which averaged $ 73,000 and became the world's most expensive fully electrified, multifunctional vehicle.


Export results are also read in published reports. Overseas sales reached 194,242 units, an increase of 72.4% over the previous year, and thus it also exceeded the industry average growth. In several countries of the world, the leading positions were occupied by products: Coolray, Azkaraa and Tugella. And the percentage of electrified cars exported by Lynk & Co reached 97%.

Europe-Asia appropriation

As of March 2023, Lynk & Co has opened official dealerships in several European countries, including: the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain. In doing so, it ensured stable annual sales in Europe.

The brand has not forgotten Asia either and entered the markets of Israel and Saudi Arabia in July. This was another step forward in Lynk & Co's Central Asia-Pacific globalization strategy.

Future plans

The company's growing results depend on several key factors:

  • The company has accelerated the development and introduction of energy technologies in enterprises
  • Fully electrified, hybrid and methanol technology is given special attention
  • Much time was devoted to studying battery replacement operations
Future goals GEELY Auto has no less ambitious-the target figure for 2023 in sales is 1.65 million units. In 2023, GEELY Auto remains committed to technological innovation, new energy technologies, intelligent capacity building, and its vision is global expansion, creating deep synergy, mobility and sustainable development.

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